Night Letters - Reflect The Sky T-Shirt Bundle Tees


includes a copy of Reflect The Sky 7" & a T-Shirt
each order comes with a download of the entire EP available on the day of release (1/2/2018)

Formed in Berlin, Night Letters take a step into new territory for members who have been
firmly engaged in the hardcore scene for more than ten years.
Tony Klein (More Than Life) and Adam Crowe (Miles Away/Defeater) conceived the idea of
starting a new project in 2015 when the two met in the German capital. The band is
completed by Kai Sheldon (Landscapes) on guitar and Benny Mead (Dead Swans/This is
Hell) on drums.
Reflect the Sky Ep, the fruit of two years of new writing, transports the listener to a swirling,
moody new realm where dream-pop meets post-punk.


  1. Moments In Between
  2. Crossfaded
  3. Long Way Down
  4. Reflect The Sky