we strongly encourage everyone to hit us up with questions, suggestions & stories about your cat. if you don't want to wait for a reply, here are some answers to questions we get asked a lot. we hope you'll find this helpful, thanks for reading.

when will my order ship?

we always try to ship out orders asap, however, from time to time it may take us a few days to get something sent out. you will get a confirmation of shipping via email once your order has left our office.

how long will it take for my order to arrive?

this is something we can't influence at all. based on experience we ask you to allow up to two weeks (four if you reside outside of europe) from the day your order was shipped before bombing us with complaints.

why is shipping so expensive?

first of all: because the post service charges that much. that being said, "shipping" also covers paypal fees as well as packaging costs. if you feel like you have been overcharged onshipping, do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we will work things out.

i had the wrong address saved on paypal, what can i do?

first of all, please try & make sure that the address you provide us with via paypal is correct. if you relize that that has not been the case, email us & we will make sure your order is sent to the correct address. if you contact us with that issue after we already sent out your order there is nothing we can do, soz.

is my order tracked/insured?

no. we ship the cheapest way possible in order for you to save money. if you want tracked/insured shipping, please contact us before ordering & we will arrange that for you.

my order has still not arrived, what can i do?

after waiting the suggested amount of time (see above), please get in touch if you feel like your order got lost. again, this can easily be avoided by upgrading to tracked shipping.

i don't have paypal, can i still order something?

yes. email us!