Moose Blood - Moving Home Vinyl


Amazing poppy emo from Canterbury, featuring current and ex members of Take Courage, Alaska and Habours. They sound nothing like any of those bands.

The debut 7" of uk's MOOSE BLOOD

This is a co-release with Fist In The Air Records (UK)
All orders come with an instant download of the full EP


  1. My Own Boat
  2. Evening Coffee
  3. Drive
  4. Carbis Bay
  5. Moving Home
  6. Bukowski
Pressing Information

1st Pressing:

150/ Transparent Dark Blue
350/ Green Blue Haze

2nd Pressing:

100/ Transparent Purple
400/ Transparent Yellow Pink Haze

3rd Pressing:
200/ Clear Blue Haze
300/ Green (Banquet Exclusive)
1000/ Clear Blue Green Splatter